scite Premium (12-Month Subscription)

scite Premium (12-Month Subscription)
Scite, Inc
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It includes all Basic features, as well as Advanced Search (Premium) features; Unlimited scite Reports, Visualizations and Custom Dashboards (with up to 1,000 publications each); Reference Check; New Citation and Publication Alerts; CSV Export.


Know exactly what you should be citing

Never waste time looking for what research you should cite. Search over 900M citation statements and find citations and well supported literature for your research projects.


Understand which articles are well supported

How can you tell if an article is well supported and worth reading? The scite browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari allows you to easily see if articles have been supported or contrasted anywhere you’re reading online. It’s like having hundreds of millions of pieces of evidence on virtually any topic you’re interested in available to you only a click away.


scite before you cite

Writing a research paper? The scite Reference Check allows you to easily upload your research articles to see how the references you’re citing have been cited by others. Ensure that you are citing reliable work by screening against retracted references and check to see if others have contrasted your references.


A better way to do a literature review

Visualize how scientific articles cite each other through scite Visualizations. Visualizations allows you to better discover and evaluate scientific articles through an interactive citation network.


Web-based, works in all browsers.

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